Sergen Yalçın / Tribute to a Wasted Genius

06/11/2012 - 00:58
Ekleyen: Tribun Dergi
Perhaps my most meaningful video. Everybody in Turkey knows the divine talent of Sergen Yalcin. But what about the people outside of the country? Your average football fan would ask how could a Turk possess any real genuine talent? How could he be so good that he never played outside of Europe? Why didn't he ever win the European Player of the Year? It is true, he wasted just about all of his potential. But what do people really remember about a player after they are gone? Do they remember the success and titles they have achieved in the career .. or do they remember the breathtaking moments the player delivers? I believe it is the latter. In this video, the people in the football industry who have had the pleasure of watching Sergen have complimented his genius, and have also mentioned his misdemeanors. No matter how you remember him, no-one can deny his God-Gifted talents on the football pitch.
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