This is a warning shot, your final call...

kiko, foruma yazdı.
Dursun Özbek istifa diye bağırmayı dahi başına lay lay lay eklemeden beceremiyor 30- IQ lular.
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kiko, foruma yazdı.
Deplasman yasagi kalkinca bir nebze onem kazandi mac. 3 yildir bu heyecani yasamiyordum.
Yine de passolig sebebiyle o tribunde yer alamadiktan sonra pek bir anlami yok.
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Escobar'in oglu dizideki yanlislari yazmis. Dizi icin tarih birazcik degistirilir anlasilir da bazilari epey buyuk degisiklikler olmus:
Carlos Henao, Escobar's brother-in-law, was not a drug-dealer like he is shown on the show - he was an honest, noble man and father who was never involved in any illicit activities. He was an architect of many houses, bridges and roads in the Hacienda, and even sold bibles. He also never dealt drugs nor lived in Miami; he was kidnapped and tortured there alongside another innocent man, Francisco Toro.
Pablo Escobar was not a fan of Atletico Nacional, but Deportivo Independiente Medellin - if they cannot get such a trivial fact right how can they say anything else with certainty?
La Quica was in prison in New York at the time of Escobar's escape from La Catedral in July 1992, having been jailed in September 1991 for falsifying documents. He was later unjustly accused and sentenced of the Avianca bombing which killed 100 passengers and crew and even the Colombian attorney-general De Grieff wrote letters to the US on his behalf; Escobar insisted the 1989 attack was in fact carried out by Carlos Castaño on his orders.
There was no large confrontation during Escobar’s escape from La Catedral - only one guard was killed. Also Escobar did not have any contacts or help from the law in escaping. He escaped by ordering for some bricks in the cell to be left loose. He fled when the government told him they had reneged on their agreement not to transfer him to another jail.
Limon worked as a driver for Roberto ‘Osito’, Pablo Escobar’s older brother for 20 years. He did not appear nor was recruited later by Escobar’s family, but had been in their service many years. On the show they speak of a worker of Roberto called ‘Osito’ who collaborated with the DEA. The reality was that Osito became disloyal in Escobar’s final days and helped in intelligence gathering for Los Pepes and the DEA.
It is not certain that the Medellin and Cali cartels will negotiate to stay in Miami and New York to sell drugs. Even before the exponential growth in the drug market, demand was so high there was always a deficit of drugs and enough clients for all- there are millions of consumers and they are willing to pay.
The CIA did not propose the creation of Los Pepes to the Castano brothers. Fidel Castano decided to create them with the complicity of the Cali cartel and local and foreign authorities, who turned a blind eye to the thousands of crimes and disappearances.
His mother never used or bought a weapon - any claims are lies.
Escobar did not personally kill Colonel Carrillo as he is called on the show. He attacked many policemen and killed over 500 one month in Medellin in the late 1980s, but not Carrillo. He added he was not proud of the violence of his father and recognised he did a lot of harm to the police while he also gave a lot of money.
Escobar equivocated greatly over ordering the death of his partners and lenders, Moncada and Galeano. The pair were kidnapped by the Cali cartel and secured their release alive by promising to deliver Pablo and his men and cut off their financial support to him. Escobar decided at the last minute to spare Moncada, but the order to stop his killing was too late.
His father was on his own in his final days- most of his band, with the exceptions of Angelito and Chopo, were dead.
After escaping La Catedral he did not live comfortably in mansions, but in hovels.
The story of Leon in Miami depicted on the series is a lie- he did not live in the US and was loyal and valiant in his service to Escobar. He died after being captured and tortured by the Castanos.
Escobar never threatened the people of Cali, but only fought the Cartel.
Ricardo Prisco was already dead in reality at the point they showed him on the series. He had a brother who was a doctor, and was stigmatised by the actions of his brother - he was no criminal.
Escobar never attacked the daughter of Gilberto Rodriguez at her wedding or indeed any member of his family at all - he complied with the agreement not to attack family members, even though it seems they did not when they put a bomb in a building where his mother and little sister were staying in 1988.
Escobar also never forced his son or children to get involved in clandestine activities- he emphasised education and other opportunities he had not had.
He was in one firefight with his father- but not like the one shown in Narcos.
The show puts Escobar's bomb attacks on the Discount Drugs pharmaceutical chain run by Gilberto Rodriguez in the year 1993 when in fact they were in 1988, 1989 - a little out of the period for my taste, don't you think?
His paternal grandmother betrayed his father and aligned with his older brother Roberto, who struck a deal with Los Pepes so that they could live peacefully in Colombia, while those loyal to Pablo continue to live in exile. He added he would have loved the “tender” version on the series to have been the reality but it was not.
His grandmother did not fly with them to Germany.
The district attorney of Colombia did not help Escobar’s family- he seemed to be good and help but in reality his office was infiltrated by the Cali cartel as were the agents on the protection scheme. Marroquin says they were in effect hostages, kidnapped by their own state accused of a crime of association.
Virginia Vallejo was so in love that she refused Escobar’s money? These are both big lies according to Mr. Marroquin. He says his mother never spoke with her after escaping La Caterdal, and his father was not in contact with her for ten years while she was also a lover of the Cali bosses.
Escobar never sent phones to Marroquin and his family in the Tequendama hotel, they used those in the place and hung up everytime that he called him to protect him, because he knew the phones were tapped. Escobar used to always tell his son “The phone is death”. He asked to speak to his mother and sister and they talked a lot- it would possibly be their last call so the conversation was lengthy as they spoke on the day of Escobar's final battle in the Los Olivos neighbourhood of Medellin. Like he has said dozens of times, Marroquin affirmed his father committed suicide, which does not surprise him. He was not killed by police.
No journalists were killed in front of the Tequendama Hotel
Escobar never treated his parents badly.
After Escobar’s death, Marroquin’s mother arranged a meeting with the Cali cartel, which 40 bosses and mafia attended. Miguel Rodriquez, not Gilberto, saved his mother, but on this occasion they stripped their family of their hereditary riches and they split them amongst themselves as if they were part of the spoils of war.
On the show it says that Marroquin’s grandmother said that it was his mother who betrayed his father, but in reality it was his grandmother and her children who were in secret contact with the Cali cartel.
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Riekerink'den pek bir umudum yok. Benim adima, Selcuk'un dokunulmaz olmadigini, toparlamazsa seve seve yedeklere dusecegini gostersin yeterli. Diarra mi gelir, Josue mi gelir, umarim o kisinin beraber oynayacagi isim Tolga Cigerci olur. Belki o zaman ite kaka ilerleriz son haftalara kadar sampiyonluk yarisinda.
Sneijder de bir an evvel toparlar kendini umarim.
Karabuk basarili bir takim olmus, bugun olmasa da cok rahat bir sekilde bu ligde sonuc alirlar.
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kiko, foruma yazdı.

"werneke" dedi ki;

yukarıya dönersek ;
köprüye gitmesi gerekenler gitti
cnn türk ü basması gerekenler bastı
trt ye gidip bildiri okutması gerekenler okuttu
işte benim tezim burada devreye giriyor
habertürke gitmesi gerekenler gitmedi
ntv ye gitmesi gerekenler gitmedi
tem i kapatması gerekenler kapatmadı
bakanları yakalaması gerekenler yakalamadı
cumhurbaşkanını yakalaması gerekenler beceremedi
yani kısacası mevcut yakalananlar bildiğin ..t gibi ortada kaldı
diğerleri ya caydı , ya cesaret edemedi , ya da telkinler ile vazgeçti
ve ya nedeni başka idi
bu 3-5000 rütbeli 3-5 uçak 100-200 tank ve rütbesiz personel ile kendilerini sonu belli olan ateşe bence atmazlardı
bunun en basit ve yalın örneği biz işyerin de ali , veli , ahmet 3 çalışanız
patron mehmeti kafaya taktık , zam vermez ise aynı anda işi bırakacağız deyip zam koparacağız
konuşuyoruz anlaşıyoruz
ali gidiyor zam yok ise işi bırakıyorum diyor , bırakıyor
veli diyor ev borcum var
ahmet diyor çoluk çocuk var
olan ali'ye oluyor işsiz kalıyor
ben böyle düşünüyorum

Yaziya 15 Temmuz gecesi olanlarin gercek bir darbe girisimi oldugunu, senaryo olmadigini dusundugumu belirterek baslayayim.
Yukaridaki verdigin ornegin ihtimali kadar, su sekilde de gelismis olabilir (senaryo ise):
Ordunun icindeki darbeye kani kaynayanlari, cemaatcileri ortaya cikarmak icin yem attilar, bu insanlarla birileri planlar kurdu. Daha sonrasinda bu darbe yanlisi kani kaynayanlar 15 Temmuz gecesi keklik gibi avlandi. Boylelikle hem devletin 1 numarali dusmanlari avlandi, hem de TSK'yi dizayn etme, hatta itibarsizlastirarak neredeyse yok etmeyi, yargiya T.C. tarihinde gorulmemis sekilde mudahale etmeyi ve en onemlisi oy devsirmeyi basarmis oldular.
Yani, patron ahmetle konustu, ali ve veli'yle irtibata gec, bunlar darbe yapacak, darbe saatinde cekil, gerisini ben halledecegim.
O yuzden "ne senaryosu kardesim, tanklar insan ezdi, halka ates acildi" diyenleri anlayamiyorum. Senaryo olmasi icin erinden en ust rutbelisine kadar herkesin bunu biliyor olmasi beklenemez herhalde.
Neyse, gercek veya senaryo, Cumartesi sabah 6 gibi gunu daha tehlike tam anlamiyla gecmemisken, Hulusi Akar'in akibeti bilinmiyorken, havalimaninda AKP secim sarkilariyla yapilan o ilk miting ve daha sonrasinda gun icerisinde yine Istanbul ve Ankara'da meydanlarda yapilan mitingler mide bulandirici. Oy potansiyeli var ise, bunlar altin madeni bulmus gibi somuruyor da somuruyor. Yersiz olur, yanlis anlasilir, guvenli degil vesaire hic umurlarinda degil.
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kiko, foruma yazdı.
Dun gece 200'den fazla vatandas hayatini kaybetmis, adamlar hala meydanlarda kornalara abana abana kutlama yapiyor. Bunlarin ici o kadar karanlik ki, olumlere uzulemiyorlar cunku iclerinde vicdan kalmamis.
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kiko, foruma yazdı.

"mmcg" dedi ki;

"kırmızı55beyaz" dedi ki;

Hukuk dışı kim kafasına göre olaylara karıştıysa cezasını çeksin ona birşey dediğim yok da bir de Atatürk'ün kurduğu TBMM'ni bombalayacak kadar gözü dönmüş sözde askerleri konuşalım. Kim bunlar,destekçileri kim? Bu millet gidin TBMM'yi bombalayın diye mi aldı o uçakları bunlara?
yetkili kişilerin söyledğine göre fetö mensupları. fetö kim? 30 - 40 yıldır var olmasına rağmen 2002'den bundan 4 sene öncesine kadar çok ciddi şekilde büyüyen, devletin her türlü kurumunda tehlikeli şekilde kadrolaşan, soru çalan, şantaj yapan, yine 14 yıldır devleti yönetenler tarafından istihbaratın teslimi yapılan, bundan 4 sene önce yani araları iyiyken mevcut cb'nin örgüt başına bu gurbetliğin bitmesi gerektiği, ülkeye dönmesi gerektği çağrısı yapılan bir örgüt.
bu örgüt vatan hainidir evet; peki bu örgütün tıpkı pkk gibi bu denli tehlikeli hale gelmesine göz yumanlar nedir peki? esas onu konuşalım.

Uzun vadede, kabaca, darbecilere yardim ve yataklik yaptilar bu yazdiklarini gerceklestirerek. Ama hata yapmadilar, suc islemediler; sadece aldatildilar, ondan sorup da rencide etmemek lazim.
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kiko, foruma yazdı.
Bu kaosta sunu gorduk ki Tayyip Erdogan'in kanuni olmayan kolluk kuvvetleri bu ulkede istedikleri gibi vahset gerceklestirebiliyor. Bu kisileri daha once ellerinde pala, polis yaninda gormustuk. Simdi cinayet isliyor, kafa kesiyor, post, video, mesaj gibi araclarla bununla ovunuyorlar. Biliyorlar ki, arkalari saglam. Biliyorlar ki, iktidar da, yurekleri kadar simsiyah ve her turlu vahseti onayliyor.
Bu adamlar laikci kopekleri oldurmeye gidiyoruz diye eline silah aliyor. Allah sonumuzu hayir etsin, kafamiz kesilmez umarim bir gun bu kanunsuz AK Parti kolluk kuvvetleri yuzunden.
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kiko, foruma yazdı.
Su an hala Ankara'da helikopterlerden insanlara ates aciliyor, kalkip Erdogan bakanlar kurulunun Cankaya'da bir araya toplandigini soyledi. Iyi bari Cankaya'dan aydinlatici atsinlar bir de buradayiz diye.
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kiko, foruma yazdı.
Tayyip Erdogan su anda havalimanina indi ve aciklama yapiyor, havalimani uzerinde HALA ucan darbeci dusman F16larindan bahsediyor. Bu F16lar darbeci, dusman tarafta olsa, Cumhurbaskani'nin ucagini birak AHL'ye indirmeyi; Dalaman'dan havalandirtmazlardi guvenlik icin. Bu nasil is anasini satayim.
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